Our Investment Strategy

Multifamily Growth Capital is executing a tightly focused acquisition strategy of buying middlemarket, underperforming multifamily assets that can be repositioned toward the rapidly growing Baby Boomer demographic niche market using a community lifestyle approach. We are laser focused on our unique niche market of middle income Baby Boomers who can neither qualify for government housing nor afford high cost of facility living.
Investment Cycle

This market is untapped by the institutional investors which puts us in the perfect position to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity. We have learned that buying value-add, under performing multifamily properties and repositioning them to a growing and under served target segment using The Multifamily Growth Capital approach creates excellent opportunity for profit:

Our Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in providing middle income baby boomers, who don’t qualify for government housing and can’t afford high end living, with a truly affordable solution to ageing in place. These middle income Baby Boomers are looking to downsize but have no option to get the amenities they need within their budget. Multifamily Growth Capital will provide them the option to downsize from their homes that are now too big for them to maintain and live in safely.
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