Growth Oriented & Investor Focused

Multifamily Growth Capital is a value add real estate investment firm that specializes in buying underperforming and mismanaged apartment properties to reposition to the rapidly growing and high demand middle income renters. We focus on Metro Statistical Areas (MSA’s) with high population, job and rent growth. 
Multifamily Growth Capital is a real estate investment firm that specializes in buying underperforming and mismanaged apartment properties to reposition to the rapidly growing and high demand middle market renters like Baby Boomers, Seniors and Millennials. Our focus is in Metro Statistical Areas (MSA’s) with high growth in population, jobs and rent.
Multifamily Growth Capital is a result-oriented company that has in-depth experience from beginning to end is all aspects of investment real estate such as, uncovering off-market opportunities, identifying and implementing unique investment strategies, financial analysis, value enhancement, property management, debt and equity financing, cash flow optimization and value growth.

Why Work With Us

Our expert management and advisory team have owned or managed over 9,200 residential & apartment units across the US. Our vision is to rebuild and revitalize our target market’s under performing housing to provide superior housing opportunities to the underserved middle market renter. Multifamily Growth Capital is executing a tightly focused acquisition strategy of buying middle market, under performing multifamily assets that can be repositioned toward the rapidly growing Baby Boomer demographic niche market using a community lifestyle approach.
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Excellent Opportunities

We have learned that buying value-add, under performing multifamily properties and repositioning them to a growing and under served target segment using The Multifamily Growth Capital approach creates excellent opportunity for profit by:
  1. Creating more pricing power from unmatched competition
  2. Managing risk better because of the predictable outcomes
  3. Producing consistent investment returns from stable operations
If this niche real estate investment strategy interests you, then we cordially invite you to contact us.


Mohammed Lone

Founder / CEO
(314) 898-3358

Mohammed has been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate management, financing, construction and investment for the last 10 years. With his unique and focused experience he is an expert in finding growth opportunities within senior living market providing higher ROI for the investors.

Prior to the last decade, equipped with Master’s in Computer Science, Mohammed spent 12 years as a Big Data Analyst for fortune 100 and 500 companies in various industries including Real Estate. Mohammed uses advance data analysis as the primary tool to evaluate potential investment’s ROI.

Craig Haskell


Craig has devoted over 35 years to reinventing and re-engineering real estate assets for maximum growth, value and income for his clients and investors. He is CEO and founder of Haskell Value Group, a real estate investment, management and  consulting company. Craig has owned or managed 9,200 multifamily units, 2.8 million square feet of commercial space, and provided real estate advisory services on over $2 billion in asset value. In addition to being an author of five multifamily real estate investment and management books, Craig has written hundreds of articles and become the nation’s leading expert on the subject of real estate value investing.