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We Invest in
Cash Flowing
Real Estate

We Acquire, Upgrade, Maintain & Eventually Sell the Asset



Receive cash flow on a regular basis and benefit from the sale of the asset as well.

Invest Passively

You will never get a maintenance call for leaky faucets or broken toilets! You will, however, get regular updates on the property you invested in so you have full transparency on your investment. We acquire, maximize, maintain and eventually sell the asset.

Tax Benefits

This is one of the main attractions for many of our investors. Many of our investments have large tax deductions resulting in up to 85%+ tax shield


Multifamily Growth Capital is a value add real estate investment firm that specializes in buying underperforming and mismanaged apartment properties to reposition to the rapidly growing and high demand middle income renters. We focus on Metro Statistical Areas (MSA’s) with high population, job and rent growth.


Multifamily Growth Capital was started by our founder Mohammed Lone on the premise that everyone deserves a fair chance making safe investments producing high yields. The ultra-rich have always invested in multifamily assets and until now it was only available to them.

Making multifamily assets profitable is a process that requires years of business experience. Mr. Lone has a track record of building grassroots businesses into multi-million dollar organizations employing hundreds of people.

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why choose us

Our main focus is our investors. Our primary goal is to protect our investor's capital. Our secondary goal is to grow that capital.


We deploy our team of Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, Property Managers, Construction Engineers & Asset Managers to maximum returns and minimize risk.

Interest Aligned

We invest in every deal alongside our investors because we believe in having skin in the game. We make money only if you make money.

100% Passive

You will get regular updates on your investments on how the property is performing. Other than that, you simply get a check in mail or direct deposit.


Investing in multifamily real estate has provided low risk and high returns compared to other investments. Become an investors for as little as $25,000.

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Track Record

Our team has managed 9,000+ units with a value of $500,000,000+ with an average cash return of 11%.

Learn when to invest in real estate?

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With an advisory board that has over nine thousand assets under management (AUM) we are excited to provide this opportunity to you that was not available in the past.


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